Our Story

We mentioned earlier that we try and get to know the owners along with the pet and that this fact gives us an idea of the care that they receive at home. Its only fair then that we tell you a little about ourselves and our pets then. The owners Neil and Stephanie are the proud parents of two Border Collies named Sawyer and Presley. They are the inspiration for the Border Collie theme that you see prevalent in the boarding house. Much like a lot of owners with multiple pets they have very different personalities, one is very outgoing and friendly and the other is very much reserved and anxious around people. Neil gave up his career in the corporate world to do what he loves and will most likely be the face you see when you walk in the door. Stephanie actively practices Veterinary Medicine in the Omaha area and enjoys her check-in with the animals at the Pet Resort to make sure they are healthy as well. Hopefully you can share your story with us as well.