Paddington Station

Animal Boarding


Standard Suite

Rates: $28 a Night, Additional Guest $22

Our Standard Suites are our most affordable option. Depending on the breed and whether the dog is staying with another family member these suites will be either 4ft x 8ft or 5ft x 10ft wide. They are equipped with dog resistant latches that ensure even the most clever pup will not be able to escape. The floors are non-porous and are cleaned with industry leading disinfectants before every stay. Our standard bedding consists of nylon lined raised beds that allow the canine to relax in style. 


Luxury Suites

Rates: $33 a Night, Additional Guest $26

Our luxury suites will make your furry family member feel like they are vacation while you are away. These larger suites are fully enclosed and equipped with a sound dampening barrier which greatly reduces the noise level for them while they are here. The upgraded beds are industry leading Kuranda brand raised orthopedic beds which allows them to rest their heads and sleep peacefully. As always though, we encourage you to bring any beds or toys that you feel will make them feel the most comfortable. In addition, they are the closest to the front of the building which allows us to give your animal extra monitoring/playtime. The suites also have either a glass door allowing them to see outside or a window to look out the entire stay.

Cat Suites

Rates $15 a night, Additional Guest $9

The cat suites that we offer are in a location separate from that of the dogs. A separate area is needed for a couple reasons, the first of which is the noise level in our cat rooms is significantly quieter than the rest of the facility. Secondly, we can maintain a pheromone system that is designed to reduce the stress levels in cats staying in a new environment and alongside other cats. Inside the room, your cat can enjoy an individual multilevel suite each consisting of a window for scenery.



Amount: $15

Our daycare services are structured a little differently from other facilities. Most facilities let dogs out in huge playgroups to burn off their energy and keep them occupied during the day. Unfortunately, this is how almost all issues arise in a boarding facility as your dog can get overwhelmed or even attacked by an aggressive dog. We believe in keeping your pet entertained during the day with human interaction and play. Each daycare stay is unique, as every dog is unique, but it could entail playing Frisbee or fetch, a long walk or even a relaxing bubble bath and brush.


"We have been coming to Paddington Station for over 20 years and feel comfortable knowing that they have over 200,000 pet night stays successfully completed. No one in Omaha has a more consistent record.

/  Lucy S, Satisfied Client  /