Paddington Station

Our History

Paddington Station has been a part of the Bellevue, NE community for over 20 years now. We have a different feel than most other pet boarding establishments because we know most of our clients personally, and will always try and keep it that way. Imagine dropping your pet off at a relative or family friend's house and being completely at ease knowing that your animal is in good hands. Its that kind of relationship with the pet and owners that we strive to provide. Through the years this commitment has garnered us a reputation for excellence and helped us achieve over 200,000 animal night stays.  Our facility consists of 50 suites and 10 feline condos so that we can ensure that every pet gets the attention that they need to be comfortable during their stays. The outdoor area, which the dogs are let out into multiple times a day, are made up of eight gated play areas that are large enough to accommodate playing catch or Frisbee in each area. We take animal care very seriously, and will do anything you request to make you feel at ease during your time away.


Why Choose Us?

There are over 50 different establishments in the Omaha Metro area that provide animal boarding services and we would like to take the opportunity to tell you why ours is the best.

We Care.

First and foremost you can tell from the moment you walk in that we care. Whether its calling your animal by name before they get to the door, helping you with your items, or our curbside drop off you can feel the difference almost immediately that this is a family business and not a chain.

We Accompany.

We take each dog outside individually at least 3x a day so that they can stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. We do not believe in adding to the stress of being away from their owners by forcing dogs to go to the bathroom in the same area as where they sleep. In addition, we physically bring the dogs outside and not just open a latch and let them roam. We believe in an up close examination, multiple times a day, gives us the ability to monitor their health, while giving them the physical interaction that they desire while you are away.

We Have Expert Care.

The facility is owned by a Veterinarian who can monitor the health of the animals on a daily basis. It is this level of care that sets us apart from other boarding Kennels in the area. You can rest assured knowing that your animal is in the best possible hands should any issues come up regardless of whether its a holiday or after hours. Its this sense of relief that makes our clients enjoy their vacations even that much more.

Each Animals Stay is Unique to them.

Our facility is sectioned off into five different areas so that you can be sure that your animals are next to animals that are similar to them in temperament and size. No other place in Omaha even considers this, but we feel it's imperative to them having an enjoyable stay. Let us know at check-in how your dog normally acts when they are alone and we can find a location that will most accommodate them. Our cat room is also situated where each suite is positioned so that the feline can look out a window, much like they would at home. Our facility is also temperature controlled and comes with a state of the art air filtration system only found in higher-end pet hotels.

We have the Experience to back it up.

Paddington Station has been trusted since 1994 to watch over the care of our local animals. Many of our owners have had multiple pets during this time and now have their children bringing their animals to stay with us when they are away. This is the best compliment and accolade that any facility can have.